Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Calvin Klein 365 White Trim Trunk - White

Calvin Klein 365 White Trim Trunk - White

Buy Calvin Klein 365 White Trim Trunk - White Here

Have you ever wished to wear ?complete white underwear? which would really been a luxury item? If you had dreamt, then your dream comes true with the latest Calvin Klein 365 White Trim Trunk White! You will love the softness and engineering of the underwear in complete white texture. The line of ?Calvin Klein 365? men underwear line offers some great compilation of underwear in different styles and color combination. The white color offers a majestic look which tells your taste and personality. Go and get this underwear to display your personality! The underwear has been manufactured with the best line of cotton which is stretchable and gives you the real light feeling. The highest quality of cotton ensures no itching, sweat accumulation and heating of the area cause ring worm or other skin disorders. Size M : 28-30 inches (~71-76cm) Size L: 32-34 inches (~81-86cm) Size XL: 36-38 inches (~91-97cm) Note: Our Calvin Klein sizes are 1 size smaller then the US standard sizes. So if you normally wear Calvin Klein Size (M), please buy Size (L) from us. Thank you.

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