Saturday, October 17, 2009

Calvin Klein 365 Trunk - Hot Pink

Calvin Klein 365 Trunk - Hot Pink

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The new release of Calvin Klein underwear possesses sexy, charming and attractive characteristics. Their new model Calvin Klein 365 Trunk Hot Pink has altogether a different appeal. This underwear matches the very image of modern fashionable men. The line has brought back a kind of style statement. This underwear is made of lightweight cotton which is stretchable and never gives the feel of discomfort. You can wear it all day long without single itch or other kind of irritation which regular underwear tends to create! The pink color gives that metro-sexual appeal that every man wishes to impart! The underwear is not only attractive by its looks, but it is functional in providing you ultimate comfort! Size M : 28-30 inches (~71-76cm) Size L: 32-34 inches (~81-86cm) Size XL: 36-38 inches (~91-97cm) Note: Our Calvin Klein sizes are 1 size smaller then the US standard sizes. So if you normally wear Calvin Klein Size (M), please buy Size (L) from us. Thank you.

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