Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calvin Klein 365 Grey Trim Trunk - White

Calvin Klein 365 Grey Trim Trunk - White

Buy Calvin Klein 365 Grey Trim Trunk - White Here

Calvin Klein needs no introduction. The brand has come with new line of underwear called 365-trunk. There are different styles and models of trim trunk underwear. If you are looking for something dashing that really offers comfort and pleasant experience get a model of Trim Trunk White. This modern line of underwear is made of lightweight stretch cotton that gives you the feeling of wearing nothing. Calvin Klein 365 Grey Trim Trunk White is a wonderful new line of underwear for active and modern men. The underwear is made of very light stretch cotton which provides you the comfort level you wish in summer and other seasons. You will feel the engineering of the underwear at its fits your body contour with comfort and provides no amount of discomfort. Get this ultra comfort underwear and find what it means to wear Calvin Klein! Size M : 28-30 inches (~71-76cm) Size L: 32-34 inches (~81-86cm) Size XL: 36-38 inches (~91-97cm) Note: Our Calvin Klein sizes are 1 size smaller then the US standard sizes. So if you normally wear Calvin Klein Size (M), please buy Size (L) from us. Thank you.

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